Mr. Blik (Blik)
Mr blick

General Information
Colour Black
Eye Colour Yellow/Black
First Appearence

Cats Bringin' Down The Mouse

To the Moon

Last Appearence

Spindango Fundulation

Duck and Cover

Voice Actor Wayne Knight

Gordon Quid


Mrs. Cramdily (owner of mr. blik)

Audrey (mother)


Gordon Quid (sometimes)

Waffle (Sometimes)

The Chimpy Chams (My Bodyguards)

Burpos (King of all Root Beer)



Gordon Quid (sometimes)

Waffle (sometimes)

The Chimpy Chams

Major Pepperidge


Mr. Blik is the self-appointed leader of the group who's loud, bossy and brash. It is told that a black cat means bad luck, and this is true for Mr. Blik (because he is a black cat), who gets himself into getting major or near-death injuries. Mr. Blik has yellow eyes and is proud of his newly inherited riches and spends his money on anything and everything that spells respect and power. Mr. Blik is the oldest and always insults his two younger brothers. Mr. Blik's catch phrase is, "Yeah!"


Who is brave? Mr. Blik! Mr. Bababalebebala....

Gordon: You wont hide under the bed forever! Mr Blik: You're Wrong!

It's called a mm.. mmm... Kraken when you defeat it in a battle mmm.. emmm. It makes your dreams true.

Shut up Idiots!

I will not lose my crown! Burpos: Gordon, Zero! (cries) Mr. Blik:I will not lose my crown!

Main timesEdit

Major Pippirige = Mr. Blik got 2 heads in his "Blik parade" day and Gordon/Waffle loves Major Pepperidge

Charge! = Metal items sticken to Mr. Blik

King of all Root Beer = Being a king (chosen by Burpos)

Mr. Pickles = After Mr. Blik accidently felt in a pickle juice, it became green and left out of the house.


Mr. Pickles


Gordon QuidWaffleMr. BlikHovisKimberlyNewts

The Chumpy Chumps BrotherMrs. CramdillyAudrey

Katilda (character)

Major Pepperidge (character)SqueakusHobosHi Ho KrakenMitchel the MammothBarkmeatBurpos

Love Jackal (band)

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